Rwadef Al-Arabia

For trading & Construction & Oil Products


Rwadef Al-Arabia For trading & Construction & Oil Products

Providing the highest quality standards is our specialty

Since its establishment, Rawadf Group has been working to be one of the leading private companies in the field of contracting, architectural construction and point services. And a crew that has outstanding qualification and long experience.
The company provides a wide range of services that fall under the main divisions.

  • General contracting and servicing
  • oil services
  • Housing and subsistence services

The group also cooperates and provides assistance, advice, support and partnership in projects with many companies and economic groups and the work of alliances to implement several projects inside and outside the Kingdom, such as PhotoCAD Group and Hilal Al Sharq.



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Why choose Rawafed Al Arabia?

Because, over the years, we have extended the values ​​of dedication and discipline in the accuracy of completing projects and providing the highest quality standards to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.
This was in various fields and services, including: -
-Contracting and general services.
-Oil services.
-Housing and catering services.
-Bitumen industry and trade (asphalt).

Our message

Every step we take is towards a more developed city. We also believe that creative minds are the engine for change and creativity. This requires us to upgrade from a service we provide to become an integrated sweet concept.


Discipline and dedication to work.
Punctuality and delivery


We are here to make your dream place complete, complete and full of life We make your dream place a complete reality, complete and full of life.
Make your place complete and complete.


We, in Rawad Al-Arabiya, strive to provide a wide variety of services with the highest standards of quality and discipline.

-Oil services.
-Contracting and general services.
- Housing and subsistence services.
-Refrigeration and air conditioning services.

Refrigeration and air conditioning

We specialize in the establishment of companies, homes, palaces and hospitals, and we work in everything related to the field of air conditioning, from establishment to operation.

General Contracting

The Arabian Rawadf Company offers an endless package of services that includes all types of clearance and providing the requirements of our customers, regardless of their number and time.

oil services

We have a wide range of expertise and material and human resources to achieve the highest levels of proficiency and provide a high degree of efficiency

catering services

The catering services section is one of the cornerstones of what Rawadf offers in the Kingdom and abroad.


You can contact us and ask your questions and inquiries at any time via our e-mail, the designated number, or by filling out the questionnaires below.


Sharjah, United Arab Emirates